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jjvcd158_facebookPeppe Jalava Band:
A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt
 (Pilfink JJVCD-158)
Don`t Forget Your Space Suit! (Video of studio session)Pluto? – It`s Still Swinging There! (Audio), Kharon the Swinger, Eris the Bringer of discord, Quaoar the Proud, Magic Suitcase, Ixion the Unpredictable, The Three Last Lives of a Stray Cat, The Might of the Frogs, The Miraculous Pumpkin Meets the Barking Mandarin (Audio) (Hats Off to Frank and Béla)
Jaakko Martikainen: tenor & soprano saxophones, Antti Hermaja: trombone, Ari Polojärvi: el. guitars, Mikko Multamäki: bassguitar & doublebass, Pertti Jalava: drums, keyboards (6, 8, 10) and sound effects

Pertti Jalava:
Into a Warm Night
2015 (Acte Préalable AP0342)
Rahunen Kimmo, guitar, Kwartet Akademos: Szabelka Anna, 1st violin, Cogiel Joanna, 2nd violin, Batog Aleksandra, viola, Sobik-Ptok Danuta, cello, Lorien Trio: Lizer-Molitorys Alicja, flute, Kaczmarek-Bialic Agnieszka, harp, Batog Aleksandra, viola

The Eagle-Owl, Six Miniatures for guitar, String Quartet no. 1 – Pictures of Spring Stream, While You Were Sleeping I Opened the Door and Walked Out Into a Warm Night

In the WindPertti Jalava:
In the Wind
(Alba ABCD232)
Tampere Raw / cond. Ari Angervo
Tuomas Turriago: piano, Ilari Lehtinen: flute
Concerto for piano, flute and string orchestraLike a Sigh – a fantasia for string orchestra no. 1, Surface – a fantasia for string orchestra no. 2, In the Wind – concerto for flute and string orchestra

Go to the BeachPeppe Jalava Band: Go to the Beach (Alba ABCD304)
The Robber’s Hut, On the Surface, Occasionally Below, The Chain and the Gate (Live video), Rainy, The Bailiff, At the Flea Market, A Whisk of a May-Day Past (video of studio session), Go down to the Shore, Diving
Jaakko Martikainen, tenor & soprano saxophone, Antti Hermaja, trombone, Erkki Huovinen, guitar & chromatic harmonica, Mikko Multamäki, bass guitar & double bass, Pertti ”Peppe” Jalava drums, keyboards & sound effects

SIBIS BIGSACD_1007_Sibis_BigBand_digip.indd BAND: Competition Winners (Sibarecords SACD-1007)
Esko Linnavalli Big Band Composing Contest, 2005-2009
Works by several composers, including
Pertti Jalava: Pluto? – It’s Still Swinging There!

kleemola_print-640x640Patrik Kleemola: Through Green Glass (Pilfink JJVCD-150)
Guitar works composed for Patrik Kleemola by five Finnish composers, including
Pertti Jalava: Brief Conversations on Nocturnal Roofs (2015)

Chorosynthesis kansi.jpgEmpowering Silenced Voices (Centaur Records CRC 3699/3670)
Double CD by Chorosynthesis Singers (12-voice chamber choir)
Jeremiah Selvey & Wendy Moy, Co-Artistic Directors
Maa kantaa, Ihminen kaivaa (Earth Carries, Man Digs)
by Pertti Jalava

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