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31st August 2023
A new chamber music album 
And I left the Door Open
will be released on Pilfink label.
Erica Nygård: flute, Päivi Severeide: harp, Torsten Tiebout: viola,
Patrik Kleemola: guitar, Juha-Pekka Vikman: violin, Mikko Multamäki: doublebass
Joki kurkottaa läpi helteen (River Streches Through the Heat) for flute, guitar and viola
Kolme muistikuvaa Unkarista (Three Memory Images from Hungary) for flute and harp
Yksin veneessä (Alone in a Boat) for doublebass and sound files
Verhot avoimessa ikkunassa (Curtains In an Open Window) for violin and guitar
Kun heräsit, astuin sisään ja jätin oven auki (While You Were Awakening, I Stepped Inside and Left the Door Open) for flute, harp and viola

jjvcd158_facebookPeppe Jalava Band:
A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt
 (Pilfink JJVCD-158)
Don`t Forget Your Space Suit! (Video of studio session)Pluto? – It`s Still Swinging There! (Audio), Kharon the Swinger, Eris the Bringer of discord, Quaoar the Proud, Magic Suitcase, Ixion the Unpredictable, The Three Last Lives of a Stray Cat, The Might of the Frogs, The Miraculous Pumpkin Meets the Barking Mandarin (Audio) (Hats Off to Frank and Béla)
Jaakko Martikainen: tenor & soprano saxophones, Antti Hermaja: trombone, Ari Polojärvi: el. guitars, Mikko Multamäki: bassguitar & doublebass, Pertti Jalava: drums, keyboards (6, 8, 10) and sound effects

Pertti Jalava:
Into a Warm Night
2015 (Acte Préalable AP0342)
Rahunen Kimmo, guitar, Kwartet Akademos: Szabelka Anna, 1st violin, Cogiel Joanna, 2nd violin, Batog Aleksandra, viola, Sobik-Ptok Danuta, cello, Lorien Trio: Lizer-Molitorys Alicja, flute, Kaczmarek-Bialic Agnieszka, harp, Batog Aleksandra, viola

The Eagle-Owl, Six Miniatures for guitar, String Quartet no. 1 – Pictures of Spring Stream, While You Were Sleeping I Opened the Door and Walked Out Into a Warm Night

In the WindPertti Jalava:
In the Wind
(Alba ABCD232)
Tampere Raw / cond. Ari Angervo
Tuomas Turriago: piano, Ilari Lehtinen: flute
Concerto for piano, flute and string orchestraLike a Sigh – a fantasia for string orchestra no. 1, Surface – a fantasia for string orchestra no. 2, In the Wind – concerto for flute and string orchestra

Go to the BeachPeppe Jalava Band: Go to the Beach (Alba ABCD304)
The Robber’s Hut, On the Surface, Occasionally Below, The Chain and the Gate (Live video), Rainy, The Bailiff, At the Flea Market, A Whisk of a May-Day Past (video of studio session), Go down to the Shore, Diving
Jaakko Martikainen, tenor & soprano saxophone, Antti Hermaja, trombone, Erkki Huovinen, guitar & chromatic harmonica, Mikko Multamäki, bass guitar & double bass, Pertti ”Peppe” Jalava drums, keyboards & sound effects

SIBIS BIGSACD_1007_Sibis_BigBand_digip.indd BAND: Competition Winners (Sibarecords SACD-1007)
Esko Linnavalli Big Band Composing Contest, 2005-2009
Works by several composers, including
Pertti Jalava: Pluto? – It’s Still Swinging There!

kleemola_print-640x640Patrik Kleemola: Through Green Glass (Pilfink JJVCD-150)
Guitar works composed for Patrik Kleemola by five Finnish composers, including
Pertti Jalava: Brief Conversations on Nocturnal Roofs (2015)

Chorosynthesis kansi.jpgEmpowering Silenced Voices (Centaur Records CRC 3699/3670)
Double CD by Chorosynthesis Singers (12-voice chamber choir)
Jeremiah Selvey & Wendy Moy, Co-Artistic Directors
Maa kantaa, Ihminen kaivaa (Earth Carries, Man Digs)
by Pertti Jalava

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