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PepGo to the Beachpe Jalava Band: Go to the Beach (Alba ABCD304)
Jaakko Martikainen, tenor & soprano saxophone
Antti Hermaja, trombone
Erkki Huovinen, guitar & chromatic harmonica
Mikko Multamäki, bass guitar & double bass
Pertti ”Peppe” Jalava drums, keyboards & sound effects

Rosvon maja (The Robber’s Hut) 6:17
Pinnalla ja ajoin alla (On the Surface, Occasionally Below) 6:11
Ketju ja portti (The Chain and the Gate) 11:14
Sateinen (Rainy) 4:25
Ulosottomies (The Bailiff) 4:26
Kirpputorilla (At the Flea Market) 7:13
Menneen vapun huisku (A Whisk of a May-Day Past) 8:01 Video from studio session
Mene rannalle (Go down to the Shore) 11:47 With Toisinto Vocal Ensemble, leader: Timo Lehtovaara
Sukellus (Diving) 7:13

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