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Peppe Jalava Band: A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt

July 10th 2016, Pori Jazz Festival
May 7th 2016, Satamankulma, Kuopio
May 6th 2016, Teatteriravintola, Joensuu
May 5th 2016, Jazzbar Poppari, Jyväskylä
April 1st 2016, Cafe Intro, Kerava
March 30th 2016, TSMO, Turku
March 16th 2016, Juttutupa, Helsinki
February 10th 2016, Sibelius Museum, Turku

Watch and listen whole repertoire of the tour recorded in various venues YouTube

jjvcd158_facebook1. Don`t Forget Your Space Suit 1.38  Video
2. Pluto? – It`s Still Swinging There! 8.06  Audio
3. Kharon – the Swinger 1.09
4. Eris – the Strange One 5.47
5. Quaoar – the Noble One 1.20
6. Magical Suitcase 4.56
7. Ixion – Unpredictable 1.14
8. The Three Last Lives of a Stray Cat 12.41
9. The Might of the Frogs 1.11
10. The Miraculous Pumpkin Meets the Barking Mandarin 9.38  Audio
(Hats Off to Frank and Béla)
All works composed and arranged by Pertti Jalava
Album released on Pilfink

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Cover photos:
Charon: NASA New Horizon 14th July 2015, Plutos landscape: ESO/L. Calçada
Art work: Niko Jouhkimainen

Also available, our previous album

Go to the Beach

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Go to the Beach

1 Rosvon maja (The Robber’s Hut) 6:17
2 Pinnalla ja ajoin alla (On the Surface, Occasionally Below) 6:11
3 Ketju ja portti (The Chain and the Gate) 11:14
4 Sateinen (Rainy) 4:25
5 Ulosottomies (The Bailiff) 4:26
6 Kirpputorilla (At the Flea Market) 7:13
7 Menneen vapun huisku (A Whisk of a May-Day Past) 8:01    Video
8 Mene rannalle (Go down to the Shore) 11:47
with a vocal ensemble Toisinto. Lyrics by astronomer Esko Valtaoja
9 Sukellus (Diving) 7:13

Peppe Jalava Band: Go to the Beach – levyn arvostelu – Jazzrytmit 2010
Peppe Jalava Band: Go to the Beach – levynjulkistuskonsertin arvostelu – Turun Sanomat 30.4.2010
Peppe Jalava Band Turku Jazz-tapahtuman konsertin arvostelu Turun Sanomat 13.3.2005

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