A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt

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Hufvudstadsbladet May 4th 2016 (A review in Swedish)


Peppe Jalava Band:
A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt

1. Don`t Forget Your Space Suit 1.38      Video
2. Pluto? – It`s Still Swinging There! 8.06   Audio
3. Kharon – the Swinger 1.09
4. Eris – the Strange One 5.47
5. Quaoar – the Noble One 1.20
6. Magical Suitcase 4.56
7. Ixion – Unpredictable 1.14
8. The Three Last Lives of a Stray Cat 12.41
9. The Might of the Frogs 1.11
10. The Miraculous Pumpkin Meets the Barking Mandarin 9.38
(Hats Off to Frank and Béla)    Audio

All works composed and arranged by Pertti Jalava

Jaakko Martikainen: tenor & soprano saxophones
Antti Hermaja: trombone
Ari Polojärvi: el. guitars
Mikko Multamäki: bassguitar & doublebass
Pertti Jalava: drums, keyboards (6, 8, 10) and sound effects (10)

Recording: Kari Nieminen, Musa Muusa studios
Editing & mixing: Kari Nieminen & Pertti Jalava
Producer: Pertti Jalava
Cover photos:
Charon NASA New Horizons
Plutos landscape ESO/L. Calçada
Artwork: Niko Jouhkimainen

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