Symphony no 4 “Intimations of Forces”      2013 – 2015    20 min.      Score    Audio

Two Ways to Leave and Return     Score
I     One Way to Leave and Return           Audio
II    Another Way to Leave and Return    Audio

Symphony no 3 “Forms of Opinion”   Audio     Score

Solid Opinion    (First movement of Symphony no 3)        Video

In the Wind (Flute Concerto)          Score
I   Andante                                    Spotify         SoundCloud
II   Presto – andante – presto    Spotify         SoundCloud

Surface    Fantasy for string orchestra no 2     Spotify      SoundCloud     Score

Concerto for Piano, Flute and String Orchestra        Score
I     Allegro                                   Spotify   SoundCloud
       Interlude                               Spotify    SoundCloud
II    Adagio                                   Spotify    SoundCloud
III   Presto – andante – presto  Spotify     SoundCloud

Like A Sigh     Fantasy for string orchestra no 1      Spotify       SoundCloud          Score

Symphony no 2  III   Presto agitato – con moto – adagio             Score           Audio

The Missing Child (Symphony No. 1)     Score     Audio

Curtains In an Open Window  (1st movement)   for violin and guitar    Score     Video

Brief Conversations on Nocturnal Roofs   for guitar     Score        Listen on Spotify

Alone in a Boat    for doublebass and sound files      Score     Audio

Maa kantaa – ihminen kaivaa   Earth Carries – Man Digs
A diptych for eight voice mixed choir          Score and Audio

Mene rannalle! – Go Down to the Shore!
For mixed choir and jazz ensemble     Spotify

Crocodile Can-can for Big Band     Score    Audio

A Wolf Doesn’t Make Any Questions! for Big Band     Score      Audio

Pluto? – It´s Still Swinging There! for Big Band    Spotify    Score    SoundCloud

Peppe Jalava Band: Go to the Beach (full album)    Spotify    Video from studio session

Peppe Jalava Band: A Guided Tour In The Kuiper Belt (full album)    Spotify

Peppe Jalava Band Live videos












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